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Portta Splitter

The portta hdmi splitter is a 8-port, 1, 4-inch hdmi switch that supports full 3d uncompressedcompressed audio. It has a settled price of $109. 99 and a promise of 340mhz and 4, 000luminance performance.

Top Portta Splitter Reviews

The portta hdmi mini splitter is a great way to increase your tv's hdmi connection depth or add two more connections for deep-tissue hd audio. This correctoable splitter also supports full-frame resolutions up to 2, 3 million colours.
the portta hdmi splitter is a great choice for those who need to add two cameras, a sound system or even a large number of tv sets into just one room. It comes with an ir remote support and can handle in 4 directions at 3. 3 gbps, making it perfect video and 3d hd audio.
looking for a way to increase your terminal rate without expensive and/or high-end hardware? look no further than the portta sdi splitter! This device with 8 ports support 3g-sdi and hd-sdi, making it the perfect choice for increased data rate and video performance.